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Diet, Health and Sexuality

Adi Da's Wisdom on diet, health and sexuality

Conductivity Healing
Straightforward and practical guidance on how to understand and practice energy healing. Avatar Adi Da Samraj offers simple practices that support well-being by feeling and breathing and circulating etheric energy—in one’s own case and also for others, through forms of healing touch.

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The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life
A potent summary of Avatar Adi Da’s instruction on emotional-sexual matters—including His compassionate instruction on transcending negative sex-patterning, emotional immaturity, and all forms of seeking through sex and relationship.

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An ancient Yogic tool for easily balancing the energies of the body, in daily life and in meditation practice (sometimes called a “meditation stick”).

All the technicalities of pranayama that you read about in the traditional Yogic literature are easily accomplished by the use of a hamsadanda. It is the greatest Hatha Yoga technique ever discovered. Everything accomplished by physical postures, breathing through alternate nostrils, and the rest of the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga is easily and naturally accomplished without the slightest effort by using a hamsadanda.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January 24, 1983

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Green Gorilla
The essential, summary communication about diet Given By His Divine Presence The Divine Avataric World-Teacher Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

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The Yoga of Right Diet

An Intelligent Approach To Dietary Practice That Supports Communion with the Living Divine Reality.

Comprised of summary Instruction on dietary practice and “radical” healing given by His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj. Includes various early, key Talks—such “Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity” and “Diet is not the Key to Salvation”—that have been updated to conform to all of Avatar Adi Da’s current language and Instruction. In addition, Adi Da selected one of His extraordinary Images for the cover of this book.

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Santosha Adidam
An extended overview of the entire course of the Way of Adidam, based on the esoteric anatomy of the human being and its correlation to the progressive stages of life.

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Polarity Screens (book included)
Polarity Screens enhance the natural circuit of "conductivity" by polarizing the descending energy down the frontal line of the body and ascending energy up the spinal line of the body. Whenever the body is under stress, enervated, or out of balance, this natural "conductivity" is obstructed, so that a counter circuit of energy ascends up the frontal line and descends down the spinal line. Polarity screens work to re-establish the natural descending-ascending circuit of bodily energy.
                   —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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A Call to Freedom of Choice in Religion and in Sexual Practice (Booklet)
An essay by Avatar Adi Da Samraj on the practice of public tolerance, respect, and love in democratic societies
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Sex, Laughter, and Real-God-Realization (Booklet)

A Talk from Ruchira Avatara Hridaya Tantra Yoga By Adi Da Samraj about the three fundamental disturbances of life: sex, laughter, and Real-God-Realization.
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Feel Love’s Wound
An excerpt from The Dawn Horse Testament of The Ruchira Avatar
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The True Transcending of Sex and the Entire Body-Mind (Booklet)
Eight essays that include Avatar Adi Da’s unique, Divine Wisdom on a wide range of topics related to sexuality in religious and Spiritual practice. From The Basket Of Tolerance.

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The Scale of the Very Small

Establishing yogic responsibility for reproductive potential (including regenerative sexuality, orgasm, birth control, conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, and infant care

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The Five Steps of Adidam: The Second Step (CD)
Embrace the Life-Positive Disciplines of Diet, Sexuality, Exercise, Service, and Cooperative Life
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The Third Fundamental: Disciplining Attention and Energy (CD)
A Selection of Spoken Excerpts from the Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar
Adi Da Samraj
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Happiness Is Prior to Pleasure and Need (CD)
In the two Talks on this CD, Adi Da Samraj describes the necessity for self-understanding in our search for pleasure and in our attachments—particularly in the domain of sexuality and intimate relations.

Excerpt from Happiness Is Prior To Pleasure or Need

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Twirling and Jet Lag

A simple and effective method for overcoming jet lag, tension, and fatigue
—by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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