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Surrender Without Limitation

In this beautiful and intimate Discourse, Avatar Adi Da speaks with a man who suffers from claustrophobia. Avatar Adi Da points to the self-generated cause of such terrifying experiences, describing them as symptoms of feeling-contraction from the Field of Divine Existence.

He calls this man—and all who are sensitive to suffering and anxiety—to find the Bliss of Divine Existence in His Company, and to intensively practice feeling beyond all emotional limits on living in That Bliss.

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Conversion To The Guru

The next moment’s “experience” is not necessary for your transformation.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj, June 28, 1973
The transformation that Adi Da Samraj Offers is His Gift to you of freedom from stressful experience-seeking and the Perfect Happiness of Divine Communion.

Is this transformation—or conversion—just another experience?

Hear this CD to find out!

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The Grace of Suffering

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da describes how sensitivity to one’s own suffering is the beginning of real ego-transcending practice.

Such sensitivity moves an individual out of the usual life of effort and search, into inspection of the nature of existence and availability to Him as Divine Guru.

Avatar Adi Da reveals the real nature of suffering—the action of ego—and draws the individual beyond egoic suffering into the True Source-Condition.

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