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Featured Books:

Listen To My Testament of Divine Secrets Volume 2

Recitations from The Dawn Horse Testament for the Ruchira Avatara Puja

• The second book from the new Dawn Horse Testament Recitation Series!

New! Recitations of Avatar Adi Da's “Perfect Practice” Teaching

• Specific recitation passages originally selected by Avatar Adi Da Himself

• Access new content from the forthcoming final edition of The Dawn Horse Testament before its publication

• Organized into shorter or longer readings to match the length of a puja ceremony (as performed by devotees of Avatar Adi Da)

Read the 19-page sample flipbook—
includes Table of Contents, foreword, and a sample recitation! »


Other Featured Books:


The Gift Of The Eight-Part Admonition

The Practice Manual for Avatar Adi Da’s Third Congregation Devotees

I Am the Access. I Am the Doorway. —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

A potent collection of Avatar Adi Da's Word to illuminate the meaning and guidance contained within His simple and direct Eight-Part Admonition relative to the relationship with Him. This book also includes:

■ a sacred orientation to Third Congregation practice from senior renunciate devotee Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur
■ a useful compendium of practical help and resources
■ contextual remarks by the editors to introduce and augment each section
■ 17 images including 11 full-page photographs of Avatar Adi Da

Altogether, this is an invaluable primer for those who are considering formal practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam in this form—and for anyone to be refreshed in the devotional core of the relationship with Avatar Adi Da.


Transcendental Realism
(Biennale Exhibit Catalog)

This large format catalog presents over 25 stunning illustrations in color and black-and-white. It includes the fully fabricated works from Avatar Adi Da’s Spectra, Geome, and Oculus Suites. You will also find a three-page gatefold of Alberti’s Window (partially shown on this cover image).

 Article Read commentary by Achille Bonito Oliva, curator of the 2007 Venice Biennale and Adi Da’s Sundaram Tagore Gallery exhibits


"Transcendental Realism" at the 2007 Venice Biennale, and at the Cenacolo di Ognissanti in Florence, 2008.

Length (12:23) minutes

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