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Science and Religion

Adi Da's Wisdom on science and religion

"Radical" Transcendentalism
A potent exposition of the unique nature of Avatar Adi Da’s Reality-Way of Adidam, and the fullness of its practice. “Radical" Transcendentalism breaks down the barriers that human beings have erected to the direct experience of Reality Itself. Adi Da Samraj offers His Revelation of Reality that is free of illusions and full of Divine and Spiritual Blessing.

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Perfect Philosophy
Avatar Adi Da inspects the root-error that is the inherent limit in all traditional forms of knowledge—and He reveals the process that originates and operates beyond this limit.

"The heart of Adi Da’s Perfect Philosophy is not a 'deconstruction', or a negation of tradition. Rather, it is a positive offering of a Way that is inherently free of the limit of the traditions of human seeking."

—from the introduction, by Erik van Erp, PhD

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The Asana of Science (CD)
In this recording from 1980, Avatar Adi Da Samraj speaks about the false presumptions upon which the conventional scientific point of view is based.

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Beyond Sex, Science, and "self" (CD)

Avatar Adi Da Samraj Reveals that Liberation cannot ever be achieved through sex, science, or religion!
And He makes the astounding assertion, “Realization has nothing to do with the body-mind.”
Listen to this CD for Adi Da's Instruction on True Freedom, which He says is discovered only in the utter transcending of “point of view”, by means of the Transmission of Reality Itself.

audio  Listen to sample track (7:55 min)

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Science Is A Method, Not A Philosophy (CD)
Double-CD! (Over two hours long)
With great humor and penetrating insight, Avatar Adi Da unravels present-day scientific presumptions.

audio    Play a 9:38 minute excerpt from this CD

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Science, Sacred Culture, and Reality

Conventional Knowledge, Science, and the Culture of Participation

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Science and the Myth of Materialism (CD)
A Selection of Talks from the Wisdom-Teaching of Ruchira Avatar
Adi Da Samraj
[compact disc].

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Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light
Reality, Truth, and The “Non-Creator” God In The True World-Religion Of Adidam

By Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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The Transmission of Doubt

Talks and Essays on the Transcendence of Scientific Materialism through Radical Understanding

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What, Where, When, How, Why, and Who To Remember To Be Happy
A Simple Explanation Of The Divine Way Of Adidam (For Children, and Everyone Else)

By Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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Space-Time Is Love-Bliss
“Truth For Real” Series, Number 2
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My Call for the Universal Restoration of the Sacred (or Central) Domain of Human Life
“Truth For Real” Series, Number 13
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The Western Prohibition
Against Higher Knowledge
and Realization

The Basket Of Tolerance Booklet Series, Number 1
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Direct Examination of the Structure and Roots of One's Own Body-Mind

With this booklet, Avatar Adi Da helps us understand the psycho-physical nature of the human body-mind as well as the world

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