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Polarity Screens (book included)
Polarity Screens enhance the natural circuit of "conductivity" by polarizing the descending energy down the frontal line of the body and ascending energy up the spinal line of the body. Whenever the body is under stress, enervated, or out of balance, this natural "conductivity" is obstructed, so that a counter circuit of energy ascends up the frontal line and descends down the spinal line. Polarity screens work to re-establish the natural descending-ascending circuit of bodily energy.
                   —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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An ancient Yogic tool for easily balancing the energies of the body, in daily life and in meditation practice (sometimes called a “meditation stick”).

All the technicalities of pranayama that you read about in the traditional Yogic literature are easily accomplished by the use of a hamsadanda. It is the greatest Hatha Yoga technique ever discovered. Everything accomplished by physical postures, breathing through alternate nostrils, and the rest of the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga is easily and naturally accomplished without the slightest effort by using a hamsadanda.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January 24, 1983

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