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Stages of Life

Adi Da's Wisdom on the stages of life

The First Three Stages of Life

What is the most important, enduring gift that one can give a child? Asked this question, almost everyone will say that they want to give children the ability to be happy. And they are right. There is nothing more important to give to any child—or, truly, to anyone, of any age. Read on to find out how this book can help you learn to do this—for your child, your young friends, and for yourself.

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The Seven Stages Of Life
Transcending The Six Stages Of egoic Life, and Realizing The ego-Transcending Seventh Stage Of Life, In The Divine Way Of Adidam

By Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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Eleutherios (The Only Truth That Sets The Heart Free)
Book Five from The Heart Of The Adidam Revelation
The "Late-Time" Avataric Revelation Of The "Perfect Practice" Of The Great Means To Worship and To Realize The True and Spiritual Divine Person (The egoless Personal Presence Of Reality and Truth, Which Is The Only Real God)

By Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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The Knee Of Listening

Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Autobiography has transformed the lives of thousands of secular and religious seekers since it was first published in 1972. The Knee Of Listening tells the miraculous story of His unique Incarnation and Revelation in the West for the sake of Liberating all beings.

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The All-Completing and Final Divine Revelation To Mankind
A Summary Description Of The Supreme Yoga Of The Seventh Stage Of Life In The Divine Way Of Adidam

By Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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Santosha Adidam
An extended overview of the entire course of the Way of Adidam, based on the esoteric anatomy of the human being and its correlation to the progressive stages of life.

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God-Talk, Real-God-Realization, and Most Perfect Divine Awakening
Avatar Adi Da’s overview of His seven-stage “map” of the Great Tradition of religious and Spiritual instruction.
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I Call you to Go Beyond the "Oedipal" Sufferings of Childhood
“Truth For Real” Series, Number 8
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