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Illustrated Bookmarks
This elegant set of five (2" x 6") bookmarks offers illustrations of Avatar Adi Da adapted from iconic photographs of His Bodily Form—created by consummate devotee-artist Judith Parkinson. Each bookmark is backed by a potent quotation from Avatar Adi Da’s Dawn Horse Testament (presently being prepared for future publication). These colorful bookmarks are a perfect addition to your own library or that of a loved one.
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Sacred Word Bookmarks
This set of 3 exquisite 2" x 6" bookmarks offer photographs of Avatar Adi Da, sacred visual images (described below), and ecstatic quotations from His Reality-Teaching. Originally designed for the celebration of Avatar Adi Da’s Sacred Word in March 2020.

The Ecstatic Winged Horse In this image, the ecstatic attitude of the Horse—with his head arched in Bliss, and his wings outstretched (as a sign of Perfect Freedom)—is a visual symbol of Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment. Developed under the guidance of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, this sacred logo-image is associated with His summary Text on the process of Divine Enlightenment, The Dawn Horse Testament.

The Garden Tree Avatar Adi Da describes the full structure of the human being in metaphorical terms as an immeasurably tall tree. This full structure extends beyond the physical form (which is “underground”), upward toward the Divine Matrix of Light infinitely Above. Avatar Adi Da acknowledged this illustration as an appropriate depiction of this metaphor. See “Hridaya Rosary”, in The Aletheon (or in Hridaya Rosary) for Avatar Adi Da’s full description of this metaphor.)

The Midnight Sun The White Circle in the black field is what Avatar Adi Da calls the “Midnight Sun”—a visual representation of the Divine “Brightness” Shining in the midst of the cosmic domain. This image, simple in form but potent with meaning, was Revealed by Avatar Adi Da Himself.

Price: $8.95
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