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October Specials

October is the month when Avatar Adi Da's devotees celebrate the establishment of Naitauba Island (Fiji) as Avatar Adi Da's principal Hermitage. During His Lifetime, Avatar Adi Da Spiritually Empowered Naitauba Island, establishing this unique, sacred place as the primary place from which His Divine Blessing flows to all beings, everywhere, for all time.

The celebration of Naitauba Padavara occurs on October 27--the anniversary of the day in 1983 when Avatar Adi Da first arrived on Naitauba Island.

The Eternal Stand

The spectacular story—with riveting first-person accounts and a wealth of vibrant full-color photographs—of how Avatar Adi Da transformed a six-square-mile island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean into the most empowered sacred space and hermitage ashram on the planet.

October Special
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Price: $48.75
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After My Lifetime (CD)
Double-CD—over two hours long!
An exceptional collection of Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction covering the significance of His Divine Mahasamadhi (bodily passing), the ever-present Gift of the direct relationship to Him, and the never-ending Nature of His Work to Bless and Awaken all beings.

Excerpt from Track #1: The Reason For My Birth

October Special
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Price: $18.74
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Naitauba Padavara Mela Pamphlet

A stunning twentieth-anniversary celebration pamphlet, brimming with gorgeous images and articles.

16-Page Full-Color Pamphlet

October Special
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Price: $4.97
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Come To Me

This CD is offered and dedicated to His Divine Presence, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, who has inspired and instructed me in the art of Sacred Music. His Liberating Words Speak to every heart.

“Participation in an art form should be a great exercise that enables you to transcend yourself. True art has a purpose for others, not merely a purpose for the artist.”
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Play track 1: Invocation

October Special
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Price: $12.71
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Adi Da Rasa Incense Sampler 25 Grams

A perfect way to find your favorite Adi Da Rasa Incense scent. Sampler box contains sticks of each of our four exquisite varieties, separately bagged, so the scents remain pure. Ideal for holiday gifts.

October Special
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Price: $3.47
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Vegetable Surrender
or Happiness Is Not Blue

A humorous and instructive story written by Adi Da Samraj for young children.

October Special
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Price: $6.48
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2020 Adidam Pocket Calendar

Features this photograph of Avatar Adi Da from Ruchira Dham Hermitage 2000.
On the back, you will find a 2020 calendar.

• 3.5" x 2.25"
• Laminated

October Special:
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Price: $1.49
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Adidam 2020 Sacred History Calendar
October Special:
Regularly $29.95, Still on Sale: 50% off

Price: $14.95
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Adidam 40th Anniversary Commemorative Poster

Created in 2012 to commemorate 40 years since the initiation of Avatar Adi Da's Work to Establish the Reality-Way of Adidam.

Price: $27.00
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Now And Forever Hereafter
Published to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Avatar Adi Da's passing, with a wealth of articles celebrating His Life and Legacy.
Price: $36.00
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