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Tend the Sacred Fire of Guru-Devotion (CD)
Two Discourses Given by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Conditional existence is a great sacrifice, and you must become a participant in it. But you must accept it to begin with. You must allow your confinement to it—through “self”-discipline, through True Yoga . . . —such that you become universally sensitized, Divinely sensitized, and go Beyond.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
JANUARY 15 , 1994

Listen to an excerpt from track 4: “You Are Always At The Fire”.

Price: $16.95

Avatar Adi Da describes bodily existence as a form of inherent confinement—because death is inevitable. However, He Says, if you enter into relationship with the Divine Guru—Who Is the Living Presence of Reality Beyond mortal existence—then bodily life is transformed into a sacred process. Through unwavering attention and energy, this unique relationship to the Divine Guru becomes the Sacred Fire that transforms every level of individual and collective existence and enables True Freedom—regardless of bodily circumstances.

Sacred Fire Ceremonies in the Reality-Way of Adidam

Sacred fire ceremonies (or pujas) are an ancient practice found throughout human culture. In fire puja as it is given by Avatar Adi Da, devotees relate to the sacred fire as His Divine Form, invoking His Transformative and Purifying Blessing-Presence. In continuity with the ancient forms of fire puja practiced in India, after the fire is sacramentally lit, specific elements (such as rice, sage, sandalwood oil, and more) are cast into the fire, representing the surrender of various aspects of conditional existence to the Divine. Devotees also throw a gift (such as a flower or leaf) into the fire, representing the surrender of ego to the egoless Divine Reality in Person.

In the January 15 Discourse on this recording (tracks 1 — 4), Avatar Adi Da uses the sacred performance of fire puja as an analogy for the nature of real Spiritual practice. He had attended a fire puja on His Hermitage-Island the preceding night, and refers to this occasion—and, specifically, to the circle of stones that demarcated the fire pit at that time. Pictured above is the sacred fire site Avatar Adi Da had visited, but as it appears today (with the fully developed fire pit). The fire puja at this site is maintained twenty-four hours a day in a perpetual vigil of Divine Invocation, in order to always magnify the flow of Avatar Adi Da’s Transcendental Spiritual Blessing to the world.

Track List

JANUARY 15, 1994

  1. Deal Directly With What Is Arising (12:02)
  2. Embrace the Circle of Mortality (14:12)
  3. The Principal Ceremony (9:10)
  4. You Are Always At The Fire (10:43)

JANUARY 18, 1994

  1. The Guru Reveals God (6:12)

Total running time: 52 minutes

The two talks from the above CD are also available from the Dawn Horse Press in their written form in My “Bright” Form. See chapters 23 and 24, entitled “Throw Yourself Into The Fire”, and “Real God Is God-As-Guru”.

Tend the Sacred Fire of Guru-Devotion (CD)

Price: $16.95

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