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My "Bright" Form
Stands out as the most comprehensive address Avatar Adi Da made to the precise Yogic details of the practice of turning to Him—a practice that He came to call “radical” devotion to Him. This “Source-Text” is, among other things, a “manual” for that fundamental practice of “radical” devotion to Avatar Adi Da Samraj. from the introduction
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Read the Book that Illumines Our Most Confounding Paradox:
The greatest human potential cannot be realized by any form of self-effort—
because “self” is the very thing that must be undone . . .

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. . . and Adi Da Samraj Offers the Way beyond that paradox. His Way is not based on self-effort, but on turning to the One who can Grant Divine Realization because of His Divine State. Any practice of self-effort is a form of egoity, and thus only prolongs the suffering of self-contraction.

“Carefully consider the depth and truth of this book. The offerings of Adi Da are sacred and direct transmissions of Reality itself and have the power to transform your relationship to yourself, the world, and the divine.”
Dustin DiPerna, author, Streams of Wisdom

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Three great events
led to the Talks in
My "Bright" Form
More⇨ In October 1993, three monumental events unfolded on the remote Pacific island of Naitauba. In the Mystery of His Divine Play, it was in conjunction with these Great Events that Avatar Adi Da was Moved to Give the Outpouring of His Instruction contained in My “Bright” Form.

Read the full story of these three events' critical impact on the Sacred History of Adidam in the book’s introduction or in the flipbook above.
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The Secrets of the Yoga of Turning the Faculties
More⇨ My “Bright” Form stands out as the most comprehensive address Avatar Adi Da made to the precise Yogic details of the practice of turning to Him—a practice that He came to call “radical” devotion to Him. This “Source-Text” is, among other things, a “manual” for that fundamental practice of “radical” devotion to Avatar Adi Da Samraj. from the introduction
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Overcome Western cultural
paradigms hindering true
Spiritual practice
More⇨ These Discourses came out of the celebration of one of the great Victories of Avatar Adi Da's Lifetime—His being Granted Fijian citizenship. This was a moment of great happiness for Avatar Adi Da, as it signified His Freedom from the circumstance of Submission to Western culture (a circumstance He had embraced by birth).

Upon receiving His Fijian passport, Avatar Adi Da began to address the limits of the "Westernized" approach to life, clarifying that these limits must be overcome in order to enter into true Spiritual practice. In the Discourses in this book, He fully illuminates what it is to be converted from the limits of the self-based, independent cultural inheritance of the West. devotee who was present for the Discourses given in this book

The significance of the geographical location of Avatar Adi Da's Hermitage being on the International Date Line (see map above) is that it's not located in the East or the West.

He said, "Fiji is East and West, embracing the entire world. Because of this, Fiji is the place for Me to be, the place that includes everything."
What is your conclusion
about Reality?
More⇨ "What I want to 'Consider' with you is this: What is your conclusion about Reality, your actual present-time presumption about Reality? Do you presume Reality Is Divine—or not? This question is important, because your conclusion about Reality is operative in every dimension of your life."
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Reading this book is like entering into these My “Bright” Form gatherings to participate most directly with Adi Da Samraj as He Works with devotees:

Each gathering during that time would deepen the “consideration” that Avatar Adi Da was bringing to His devotees. Each individual would be called upon to participate, to listen attentively, to combine himself or herself with Avatar Adi Da’s Message, to offer confessions and observations about his or her application to Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction, to take on disciplines that would support his or her practice of what Avatar Adi Da was Calling for, and to grow in real, demonstrable terms. And Avatar Adi Da would never fail to take the conversation from the realm of devotees’ self-reflective concerns or limited understandings into the most profound expositions of the process of Divine Self-Realization. from the introduction

 reception of Fijian citizenship
Avatar Adi Da Samraj celebrating with devotees His reception of Fijian citizenship, October 23, 1993

The Secret Yoga Revealed

This Guru-Yoga, this devotion to the Guru, this Realization by the Guru’s Blessing, is the Great Esoteric Secret of the Great Tradition of humankind. The exact nature of What is Realized depends on the Master, depends on the Divine Nature of the Master, depends on the Siddhis (or Accomplishing Powers), the Realization, the Work, of the Master.

The Reality-Way of Adidam Intrinsically Transcends all of the first six stages of life, and Its Most Ultimate Realization is the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage of life.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, March 29, 1994

Read this book and learn how to:

· Receive Avatar Adi Da's Gift of the Perfect Happiness of Divine Communion

· Purify and awaken the structure of the body-mind-complex

· Live a life governed by heart-based Reality-intelligence

· Participate in the Eternal Outshining-Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Over one-third of content is from previously unpublished materials
48 chapters from 1993-1994 Discourses
Softcover, 690 pages
Printed on archival, extra-thin stock for portability
Publication date, September 2016 (supersedes Ishta, April 1994)
ISBN 978-1-57097-357-4

Price: $29.95

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