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Spiritual Traditions

The Divine Madman
The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley

Translated by Keith Dowman

The "secret biography" of one of Tibet's foremost holy men, Drukpa Kunley, who appeared in the spiritual lineage established by Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa.

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The Marvelous Adventure of Cabeza de Vaca
By Haniel Long, with an introduction by Henry Miller

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The Secret Gospel of Mark
The Secret Gospel gives the first real evidence of the method by which Jesus of Nazareth initiated his disciples into the esoteric practices of his teaching.

Read a discussion about the research and discovery of the "Secret Gospel" of Mark (from The Pneumaton, Avatar Adi Da's in-depth book on the devotional and Spiritual traditions of humankind) >>

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A Comparative Study of the Process of Individuation

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