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The Pneumaton (Softcover Edition)
Avatar Adi Da's in-depth examination of the devotional and Spiritual traditions of humankind (particularly as seen in Christianity and Hinduism) and the Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Way of Adidam. To read The Pneumaton is to enter a vast and multi-faceted field of paradigm-change and Truth-Revelation.

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The Pneumaton, like all the books of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj, is an unparalleled Gift—written, as He has said, for the sake of “all who would find heart-breaking Freedom”. Although The Pneumaton deals with a defined set of topics, the ultimate purpose of the book is not to offer information or argumentation but to draw the reader beyond the usual human ways of thinking and being—into what Avatar Adi Da calls “the Reality-Truth”.
                        —from the introduction by Jonathan Condit, PhD
It is the purpose of this Revelation-Text to Illustrate a right understanding of the esoteric seeking-traditions and seeking-cultures of Spirituality (including “original” Christianity)—and, that having been done, to then Illuminate the Unique and Always Priorly Searchless “Radical” (or Always “At-the-Root”) Reality-Way of Adidam, Which is the Reality-Way of Perfectly Non-Dualistic Transcendental Spiritual, Intrinsically egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Realization.
            —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
“All spiritual aspirants need to confront and integrate the extravagant brilliance and originality of Adi Da Samraj . . . power and vision and passion at the highest and most lucid level. ”
            —Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism, Son of Man: The Mystical Path to Christ, and The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi
“There is much talk today of ancient gnostic gospels, secret teachings, and the renewal of a mystical form of Christianity that can answer people’s spiritual hunger beyond all the unbelievable beliefs and social-control mechanisms of public ‘religion.’ Here, with The Pneumaton, we have what amounts to a modern gnostic gospel, a re-telling and re-interpretation of the life of Jesus the Spirit-Baptizer—presented as a principal aspect of Adi Da’s examination of the world’s mystical traditions (both Western and Eastern) and his summary of his own Spiritual Way. The result is a vision that is as radically critical of exoteric religion as it is profoundly appreciative of what Adi Da calls the ‘mystical Ascent’ of Christian esotericism.”
            —Jeffrey J. Kripal, J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
Author of Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred and other books
The seven-page Table of Contents itself gives an impressive tour of what you will find within the more than 1300 pages of The Pneumaton. Click here to read or download the Table of Contents (PDF format) >>

The comprehensive four-part introduction to The Pneumaton by Jonathan Condit makes compelling reading and is an essential primer. Click here to read or download a 24-page illustrated excerpt, Part III, The Way of the Heart and the Light (PDF format) >>

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Price: $75.00

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