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The Pneumaton
Special Edition

(Reserve a copy for $1.00)

Avatar Adi Da's in-depth examination of the devotional and Spiritual traditions of humankind (particularly as seen in Christianity and Hinduism) and the Transcendental Spiritual Reality-Way of Adidam. To read The Pneumaton is to enter a vast and multi-faceted field of paradigm-change and Truth-Revelation.

Publication of The Pneumaton is a momentous occasion as it marks the completion of all five of the books that Avatar Adi Da designated as His "Five Principal Books of Comprehensive Seventh-Stage Address To all-and-All".

To honor this historic occasion, the Dawn Horse Press has produced The Pneumaton in a special, limited edition of only 108 copies.

Those who purchase this edition will each receive a hand-numbered hardcover, which also includes a dust jacket, a gold ribbon marker, and a red, black, and gold foil-stamped case cover. And since this is a first edition, it makes an especially unique and valued book for all time.

Full price: $252 - $1080—the “Add to Cart” below is for reserving a copy
Price: $1.00

The Pneumaton, like all the books of His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj, is an unparalleled Gift—written, as He has said, for the sake of “all who would find heart-breaking Freedom”. Although The Pneumaton deals with a defined set of topics, the ultimate purpose of the book is not to offer information or argumentation but to draw the reader beyond the usual human ways of thinking and being—into what Avatar Adi Da calls “the Reality-Truth”.
                        —from the introduction by Jonathan Condit, PhD
It is the purpose of this Revelation-Text to Illustrate a right understanding of the esoteric seeking-traditions and seeking-cultures of Spirituality (including “original” Christianity)—and, that having been done, to then Illuminate the Unique and Always Priorly Searchless “Radical” (or Always “At-the-Root”) Reality-Way of Adidam, Which is the Reality-Way of Perfectly Non-Dualistic Transcendental Spiritual, Intrinsically egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Realization.
            —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The seven-page Table of Contents itself gives an impressive tour of what you will find within the more than 1300 pages of The Pneumaton. Click here to read or download the Table of Contents (PDF format) >>

The comprehensive four-part introduction to The Pneumaton by Jonathan Condit makes compelling reading and is an essential primer. Click here to read or download a 24-page illustrated excerpt, Part III, The Way of the Heart and the Light (PDF format) >>

The purchase price for your numbered limited-edition hardcover volume will depend upon which of the following you choose. Includes your choice from photographs A, B, and C below:

Category ID Edition
Price Photo Choices (from A, B, or C below)
One 1   - 5    $1080Includes two 11" x 14" photos (a $140 value)
Two 6   - 10  $540 Sorry, these edition numbers have sold out
Three11 - 20  $360 Includes two 8" x 10" photos (a $60 value)
Four 21 - 108 $252 Includes one 8" x 10" photo (a $30 value)

As very few copies remain in Category One through Category Three, and Category Four is selling out fast, we encourage you to hurry and reserve your copy soon!

To order, please click the “Add to Cart” button below to pay the $1.00 reservation (credited toward your total price). We will then contact you to discuss which edition number and photograph(s) you prefer, and to verify availability. Your card will only be charged the full amount when your copy ships.

 Full price: $252 - $1080—the “Add to Cart” below is for reserving a copy
Price: $1.00

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