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The Marvelous Adventure of Cabeza de Vaca
By Haniel Long, with an introduction by Henry Miller

Price: $11.95
An astonishing document of what man can do when life is at stake. In late November 1528, a handful of Spaniards, survivors of an ill-fated expedition to Florida, were washed ashore in the Gulf of Mexico. Their leader, Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, set out with three of his men in a trek across the North American continent. Reduced to nakedness, beset and even enslaved by Indians, their journey took eight grueling years. Under these extreme conditions, these men discovered that within each of them resided “the literal power of maintaining life in others”.

5" x 8-3/4" hardcover, 64 pages

ISBN: 0-918801-46-X
Price: $11.95

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