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The Secret Gospel of Mark
The Discovery and Interpretation of the Secret Gospel According to Marks

The Secret Gospel gives the first real evidence of the method by which Jesus of Nazareth initiated his disciples into the esoteric practices of his teaching.

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In 1958, Morton Smith traveled to Jerusalem to do research in the monastery library of Mar Saba, in the Judean Desert. What he found was no routine corroboration of New Testament history, but a precious fragment of a second-century document that would change our understanding of the work and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

As exciting as the most suspenseful adventure story, Professor Smith’s book is a lively and readable account of the discovery and unraveling of some of Christianity’s most intriguing mysteries.

While his scholarly credentials are impeccable, Professor Smith’s theory—as he himself anticipated—has proven to be explosively controversial. . . . Meanwhile, The Secret Gospel invites a wide community of readers to share in the challenge of his discovery, and to evaluate for themselves the provocative—and fundamental—questions it raises.

—from the Foreword by Elaine Pagels
author, The Gnostic Gospels

6" x 9", paperback, 157 pages

ISBN: 1-57097-203-6

Price: $16.95

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