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Myths, Realizers, and Divine Revelation
Double CD—over two hours long!

On November 25, 2004, a devotee of Adi Da Samraj asks Him: “What is the relationship of ancient Realizers to the traditions that they were associated with?”

Avatar Adi Da responds by illustrating the process of myth-making around Realizers, both in ancient and modern times. He explains that, regardless of what is historically true of any Realizer, any tradition can be understood in terms of the underlying structure of the human being. Throughout the Discourse, Adi Da makes use of examples from numerous traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and the Christian tradition.

Price: $24.95

His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da, 2005
His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da

You cannot "know" this Bodily Form or all the dimensions of its functioning and existence, you see. But you can "know" Me tacitly—and that is what is required to make you My devotee. It is not something explainable or something that can be encompassed by the structures of the body-mind or that could have collectively been encompassed by the totality of all body-minds, all human beings who have ever lived. It is not "knowable" in that sense. I am not "knowable" in that sense. And yet I have always already been the case—and that is why you can recognize Me. . . .

When there is recognition of Me, when there is participation in the Condition of My Person, there is Liberation from all substitutes, all metaphors, all that was made much of in order to suggest or bear the weight of the Indescribable—which can also be tangibly Shown, and yet is not limited.
—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, November 25, 2004

This CD presents Avatar Adi Da’s Discourse of November 25, 2004.

Track Listing:

Disc One
(61:12 minutes)
1. Who Created Christianity? 16:40
2. The Ancient Myth of the “Son of Man” 15:24
3. Astrologically Based Mythology 15:07
4. The Structure Underneath Tradition 13:59

Disc Two (74:12 minutes)
1. Modern Myth-Making 11:59
2. The ego Cannot Realize the Self-Condition 15:25
3. The Way Is Not about Belief 13:23
4. The Avatarically Revealed Way 7:55
5. Even “I” Is a Myth 13:09
6. The “Bright” Before You 12:18

Total running time: 2 hours 16 minutes
Price: $24.95

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