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The Commitment to Real-God-Realization (DVD)
Vol 2, The 20th Anniversary Series
In 1988, after offering numerous Discourses in New Zealand, Avatar Adi Da traveled to the United States, where He gathered with His devotees in California for a few months before returning to Adi Da Samrajashram, His principal Hermitage in Fiji.
This DVD contains excerpts from conversations between Avatar Adi Da and His listeners in the United States, Fiji, and New Zealand in 1988.

Price: $14.95

In these direct and challenging Talks, Avatar Adi Da discusses the requirements for a life of Real-God-Realization, covering these questions and more:

• What is your intention in relation to Spiritual life?
• What does it really take to realize that intention?
• How essential is the direct relationship to the Divinely Self-Realized Guru?
• How do you find and maintain a commitment to Real-God-Realization?
• How do you deal with the lesser and contrary commitment that tends to arise in the body and the mind?

Avatar Adi Da discusses the great and universal Law that "you become what you meditate on" — or, you realize whatever state your attention rests in — and He reveals the ancient practice of devotional relationship to a true Guru that Realizes true Freedom and Happiness.

In Truth, you exist in the context of the Divine Reality, and you must function with such understanding. The course of Wisdom, then, is the ego-transcending course.

The purpose of existence is the Samadhi that is Realization of Real God, Truth, or Reality.

On that basis, therefore, the true process of existence is ego-transcending, or the process of purification in devotional submission to the Divine.

Therefore, use your lifetime for the sake of Divine Self-Realization in My Company. If you use it for anything less, then whatever is less becomes your destiny.

           —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Runtime: approximately 60 minutes
Price: $14.95

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