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The Ancient Walk-About Way
The Core Esoteric Process of Real Spirituality and Its Perfect Fulfillment in the Way of Adidam

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In this beautiful collection of essays—which includes “Perfect Adidam”, and “The Seventh Stage Revelation”, as well as some earlier Writing—Avatar Adi Da draws the reader through a “consideration” of the ancient tradition of heart-response to the living Realizer, and of His Unique and All-Completing Appearance in that tradition. Beloved Adi Da begins with a foundation “consideration” of the Purpose and Principles of the Guru-devotee relationship; He then communicates how to cultivate life-conditions that allow the being to enact its inherent heart-response to Living Truth; and, finally, He describes the unique Signs and Qualities of His Appearance and Offering, and of those who fully heart-respond to Him.

Devotion to the Realizer is the ancient Way of true Spiritual life. Devotion to the Realizer is the "pre-civilization Way", which existed before any recorded history, during a time when human beings were, essentially, merely wandering all over the Earth. Devotion to the Realizer has always been the fundamental Means of human Spirituality.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Price: $9.07

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