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An ancient Yogic tool for easily balancing the energies of the body, in daily life and in meditation practice (sometimes called a “meditation stick”).

All the technicalities of pranayama that you read about in the traditional Yogic literature are easily accomplished by the use of a hamsadanda. It is the greatest Hatha Yoga technique ever discovered. Everything accomplished by physical postures, breathing through alternate nostrils, and the rest of the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga is easily and naturally accomplished without the slightest effort by using a hamsadanda.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January 24, 1983

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Used by Indian Yogis for thousands of years, the hamsadanda works directly with the breathing passageways to balance the two halves of the brain, and, thereby, to bring balance to mental, emotional, and bodily energies.

When you press or simply rest the hamsadanda in the armpit on the side of the body where you are breathing most freely, the pressure thus created economizes the life-force on that side of the body and in the opposite hemisphere of the brain. It also introduces an opening into the opposite nostril, or the other half of the mechanism for breathing, and stimulates and awakens the effects and activities of the opposite hemisphere in the brain. The Yogic "trick" is not to breathe forcefully in the clogged nostril—that is not what you should do. You should easefully control the side that is freely breathing by using the hamsadanda.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January 24, 1983

The hamsadanda may be used at any time, for the sake of general well-being, equanimity, and free attention. It is also particularly useful for addressing signs of imbalance (such as a hyperactive mind, or a tendency toward sleepiness/daydreaming). It is especially useful for meditation practice.

For more instruction from Avatar Adi Da on the hamsadanda and balancing the energies of the body-mind, see chapter 8 in Conductivity Healing.

Fitting the Hamsadanda to Your Body

Each hamsadanda comes with a 24" stem. If you wish to shorten it, simply determine what length you prefer, and then cut the end off to match your desired length. If you don’t have the tools or experience to do it yourself, find a friend who does or a local woodworking business that can help.

Each hamsadanda comes with instructions on how to use it, and on how to determine the right height for your body.


Hand made in Lake County, California, USA, by devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

  • Dimensions: Top handle is 10 inches / 25 cm wide. Stem length is 24 inches / 61 cm
  • Weight: approximately 1 pound / 454 grams
  • Made from durable select hardwoods
  • Durable clear lacquer coat finish
Note to the reader: No claims are made that hamsadandas, or any of the practices described on this page, are a cure for any medical condition. Any disease or health problem should be treated by a qualified health professional, and the product and practices described on this page are not a substitute for competent medical care. The effects and results described herein are not a guarantee that these experiences will be duplicated in every case.
Price: $75.00

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