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Conductivity Healing
Energy-Healing Practices That Support An Intelligent, Harmonious, and Flowing Re-Integration of The Physical and Etheric Dimensions of The Human Body
Straightforward and practical guidance on how to understand and practice energy healing. Avatar Adi Da Samraj offers simple practices that support well-being by feeling and breathing and circulating etheric energy—in one’s own case and also for others, through forms of healing touch.

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However, this book is not a “cure” for a “problem”, or a prescription for self-improvement. Rather, it is Avatar Adi Da’s invitation to wake up from the unconscious presumption that our bodies and this world are merely physical—and to become responsible for well-being and true human and Spiritual growth on that basis. 

Everything is energy-fields—everything! There is no “matter”. There is only energy-fields. Everything is an apparition of energy-fields. Everything cosmic, everything conditional, is energy only. There is no matter otherwise.

What appears to be matter is a mode of energy. If you get close enough to it, you find matter to be energy. If you get more of a distant view, you feel it as “stuff”. But, in truth, there is no “stuff”—there are only fields of energy.

Functioning on the basis of this understanding is fundamental human responsibility. The Reality-Way I Reveal and Give includes that understanding as part of the basic responsibility for practice. Right-life practice is energy-practice relative to the life-domain.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July 30, 2008


Conductivity Healing is an eloquent invitation to go beyond the limitations of physical being and understand ourselves as energy; to consciously be alive as energy and live our lives as energy in relation to ourselves and to others. The book gives a foundation of etheric awareness and describes various practices for magnifying and circulating life-energy. All dimensions of healing are covered—the physical, the subtle, and the causal. It includes many practical exercises to awaken sensitivity, consciously participate with the universal field of life-energy, and facilitate healing on all levels.”

—Debra Greene, PhD
author, Endless Energy; founder, the Energy Mastery program

Conductivity Healing will captivate you, drawing you into the life and spirit of Adi Da Samraj, and the gift of healing he bestowed upon the world—a gift you may find insightful and useful in your healing journey, and the journey of others you serve and assist.”

—Donald Yance, CN, MH
founder, Mederi Centre for Natural Healing; author, Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism

Conductivity Healing is available from Amazon as an ebook:

Price: $24.95

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