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Science, Sacred Culture, and Reality

Conventional Knowledge, Science, and the Culture of Participation

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The pursuits of conventional knowledge, such as the pursuits of science, engage in a descriptive analysis of phenomena exterior to Consciousness or Ultimate Reality. Therefore, they do not engage in an experiment at the level of Consciousness or Being Itself. Rather, the relations of Consciousness or Being are conceived in conventional terms, wherein Consciousness or Being has attributes of a psycho-physical, limited, molecular robot. That model of the pursuit of knowledge is useful enough at the level of conventional understanding, ordinary relations, and so forth, but we must understand its limits and not dogmatize from that point of view. The sacred Way, the participatory Way, is therefore one that engages the sacred ordeal under the conditions of Being or Consciousness. Only on that basis does the Ultimate Realization of Truth take place.

First edition, 1984, paperback, 36 pages

Price: $2.50

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