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My Call for the Universal Restoration of the Sacred (or Central) Domain of Human Life
The New and Necessary Paradigm for Human Culture

“Truth For Real” Series, Number 13

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The sacred domain is about the expression of ecstasy—in all its forms. Therefore, all the arts—and indeed, all forms of creativity—are, basically, about the sacred domain. Everything about the religious life (including meditation, worship, prayer, and so on) is in the sacred domain. The sacred domain is even the primary place of food-taking. The sacred domain is the place of emotional-sexual intimacy, the place of friendship and human intimacy altogether. The sacred domain is the place where the truly human (and humanizing) culture of ecstasy is truly practiced, in the truest sense, assisted by cooperative association between people.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
3-3/4" x 6", 20 pages
Price: $0.90

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