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Nothing Is As It Appears / Reality Is Paradox (2-CD set)
The Structure Of Existence Series, Volume Three
Two Discourses by Avatar Adi Da, about the body-mind mechanism and the ultimate dimensions of Reality, entitled "Nothing Is As It Appears" and "Reality Is Paradox"
Price: $14.95
You can have certainty about the Ultimate, but that doesn't make the Ultimate definite. True certainty, you see, is at the heart-ground. It is a profound matter. . . . There is a heart-certainty you develop in real sadhana in My Company, but it is not about something definite, ultimately. It is about something most profound, but beyond definition and beyond the survival purpose, because it is in the realm of surrender, of selflessness. It is in the Beyond.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

August 19, 1995

Nothing Is As It Appears
August 4, 1995
5 Tracks; Total Running Time: 65 minutes

Reality Is Paradox
August 19, 1995
5 Tracks; Total Running Time: 58 minutes

These two Talks conclude the "Structure of Existence" compact disc series. In these extraordinary Discourses, Avatar Adi Da draws His devotees into a "consideration" about the search for control and survival that lies at the core of all their questioning. He describes how everyone is engaged in the pursuit of something definite in a place where absolutely nothing is definite–and even though questions can be answered in some sense, no answer ever results in survival of the apparently separate self or, more importantly, in Realization of Truth. Avatar Adi Da also describes, in beautiful and direct terms, the unique nature of Divine Self-Realization in the Way of Adidam, and He clarifies the requirements of this Realization, thereby sensitizing His listeners to the heart-necessity for real Spiritual practice.

ISBN: 1-57097-173-0

Price: $14.95

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