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Science and the Myth of Materialism (CD)
The Liberating Word of Avatar
Adi Da Samraj, Volume 4
A Selection of Talks from the Wisdom-Teaching of Ruchira Avatar
Adi Da Samraj
[compact disc].

Excerpt from Track 1: The World Is Conscious

Price: $16.95

On the one hand, it is obvious that human beings are, in some sense, “material”. Therefore, there is an obvious legitimacy to the investigation (or rational examination) of the “material” nature of the human being (as a pattern of form). On the other hand, every conditionally manifested form is Always Already in the Condition of Inherent Unity with Fundamental Light—and, therefore, every conditionally manifested form is, simply, a modification of Fundamental Light. This Greater Truth is the Basis for the true religious and Spiritual approach to the investigation of conditional existence.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This selection of Talks from throughout the 30 years of Avatar Adi Da’s formal Teaching-Work brings together samples from His vast Divine Instruction relative to the psycho-physical nature of the world, the limits of scientific materialism, and the Inherent Unity of Existence.

7 Tracks:
1 The World Is Conscious [9:31]
2 Examine Your Total Condition [8:56]
3 The Coincidence of All Phenomena [9:56]
4 The Presumption of Being [10:27]
5 The Mystery of Absolute Objectivity [9:53]
6 Where Is Space? [11:55]
7 Realization Is the Foundation of True Science [9:43]

Total Running Time: 70:26 minutes

ISBN: 1-57097-150-1
Price: $16.95

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