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Science Is A Method, Not A Philosophy (CD)
Double-CD! (Over two hours long)
With great humor and penetrating insight, Avatar Adi Da unravels present-day scientific presumptions.

On pet cloning and a Divine Ignorance consideration.

Price: $14.95

In these excerpts from six unique Discourses, Adi Da reveals how scientific materialism has replaced the sacred orientation in life and indoctrinated humankind into limited belief systems, discussing common views about evolution, astronomy versus astrology, ancient religions, the expanding universe, the “language” of mathematics and shape, and more. In addition, He masterfully describes how knowledge is an effort to achieve power over nature, based on the fundamental illusion that there is such a thing as an independent (or “objective”) “point of view”. In this process, Avatar Adi Da calls His listeners to be free of all false authorities, and to consider the Way that perfectly transcends “point of view” itself.

The Way of Adidam is about really finding out. It is not about any preconceptions, beliefs about things, and it is not about any disbelief in anything. It is a real process which proves itself, and I advise you all to exercise discrimination and careful examination of anything within the realm of your thinking so that you are guided by what is really true. And do that relative to absolutely every matter, . . . whatever is out there in the world of human exchanges.
                  — His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj August 22, 2004


Track 1: There Is Nothing Absolute about Science (Aug. 26, 2004)
Tracks 2/3: The Present-Day Priesthood (Aug. 22, 2004)
Tracks 4/5: The Religion of Mathematics (Dec. 30, 2004)

Total running time: 73 minutes


Tracks 1/2: Knowledge Is Useful, Truth Is Not (Dec. 28, 2004)
Track 3: The Paradox of Observation (Dec. 19, 2004)
Tracks 4/5: What Does the Universe Really Look Like? (Nov. 28, 2004)

Total running time: 65 minutes
Price: $14.95

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