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Participate In The Invisible Dimension of Reality (CD)
A Discourse Given by His Divine Presence, February 27, 1988

Using the Shamanistic traditions of North America to illustrate right relationship to the invisible, energy realms of existence, Avatar Adi Da urgently calls everyone to overcome the addiction to the false doctrine of materialism. Free and full participation in the energy dimension of existence, Avatar Adi Da says, provides the necessary foundation for restoring balance to the Earth-world, and for ecstatic embrace of the Reality-Realizing Process in His Divine Company.

Excerpt from Track #3: The New Doctrine of Materialism

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Aren’t you still . . . limited by this materialistic “point of view”, such that you do not yet feel free to accept the Reality of the Very Divine (and the spirit-“world” itself) in all of Its dimensions? . . . You have to break the spell of the doctrines of your own time that limit your consciousness to the material domain. . . . You have to Wake Up.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
February 27, 1988

During the period when this Discourse was given, Avatar Adi Da regularly responded to devotees’ presentations on specific titles from The Basket of Tolerance—the comprehensive bibliography developed by Avatar Adi Da that covers all significant aspects of the collective wisdom of humankind. The Basket of Tolerance is not only a tool for understanding the collective tradition of humankind as a single “Great Tradition”, but also for understanding the unique nature of Avatar Adi Da’s Offering—which demonstrates continuity with the Great Tradition, and simultaneously perfectly transcends and completes it.

Avatar Adi Da organized the titles on The Basket of Tolerance according to His “mapping” of the stages of life—which are related to the gross (physical), subtle (energic), and causal (“root”) dimensions of the human structure. This Discourse includes Avatar Adi Da’s response to the book Black Elk Speaks (by John Neihart), representing a significant individual from the North American Shamanistic traditions. This book appears on the “fifth stage list” of The Basket of Tolerance, which includes materials associated with the view of the subtle dimension of existence. Avatar Adi Da also references Leo Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God Is Within You—a title from the “social Wisdom” section of The Basket of Tolerance—representing an expression of physically-oriented social idealism of the first three stages of life.

A shorter form of this Discourse was published on cassette tape in 1988. With this audio publication, the extended form is available for the first time. This recording has been digitally remastered. It is an archival recording with some quality variations.

Track Listing

  1. Ascetic and Social Idealism (8:22)
  2. The Invisible World of The Ancients (19:05)
  3. The New Doctrine of Materialism (14:02)
  4. Become A Participant (17:48)
  5. Embrace The Whole of Reality (15:08)

Total Running Time: 1 hour 14 minutes

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Price: $9.95

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