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Real self-Understanding Is Right Now (CD)
A Discourse Given by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj April 8, 1993

In this discourse Avatar Adi Da calls all those inclined to Realize True Freedom to first recognize the failure of their search—which is based on the illusion of separation. Rather than engaging the ordinary pursuit of union with all others and things from which we feel separate, Avatar Adi Da says we must find out that our inherent Condition is one of Perfect Non-separation. 

Excerpt from Track #1: Seeking Is The Pursuit of Union

Price: $9.95

With penetrating compassion, Avatar Adi Da leads His listeners through a concentrated feeling-inspection of the core sense of being separate from everything and everyone. Avatar Adi Da elaborates on the analogy of “pinching one’s self” as an illustration of this painful act of egoic self-contraction.

You are pinching yourself. You are doing this contraction, whole bodily, altogether.... The stress you say you are feeling is the result of that. It is not a result of anything going on in the room or going on in your life at this moment. It is a result of this act you are engaging without inspecting it.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da shows that through persistent, in-depth inspection—and through feeling-sensitivity to Him as the Radiant Force of Non-separateness—it is possible to discover that you are doing this core stress, you are contracting into separateness, in every moment. This discovery, Avatar Adi Da says, is true “self”-understanding.

Avatar Adi Da asserts that the Non-separate Condition is not something to be attained at a later time, after a lot of practice, or by trying to understand yourself. Rather, it is an Awakening that occurs spontaneously. Recognizing and responding to Avatar Adi Da, at heart, and true self-understanding are the requirements. 

Track Listing

  1. Seeking Is The Pursuit of Union (11:43)
  2. Notice The Pain of Seeking (10:25)
  3. The Crisis of Good Feeling (12:11)
  4. My Transmission Is Non-Separateness (11:22)
  5. You Cannot Be Fulfilled (09:20)
  6. Listen To Me (11:43)
  7. Be Awake In The Heart Place (11:10)

Total Running Time: 1:18:00

Given on April 8, 1993

About the Divine Siddha-Method Audio Series

This recording is part of the Divine Siddha-Method Audio Series. Every CD in this audio series offers original spoken Instruction that is included (in final written form) in the book series entitled The Divine Siddha-Method of The Ruchira Avatar. This book series contains many of Avatar Adi Da’s most summary Discourses on the foundation practice of Adidam. It is comprised of four volumes:* 
1. My “Bright” Word (Discourses of 1972–1973)
2. My “Bright” Sight (Discourses of 1973–1995)
3. My “Bright” Form (Discourse of 1993–1994)
4. My “Bright” Room (Discourse of 2004–2005)

An extended version of the Discourse on this CD appears in print-form in My “Bright” Sight, with the same title. This is an archival recording with some quality variations.

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Price: $9.95

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