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Happiness Is Prior to Pleasure and Need (CD)
In the two Talks on this CD, Adi Da Samraj describes the necessity for self-understanding in our search for pleasure and in our attachments—particularly in the domain of sexuality and intimate relations.

Excerpt from Happiness Is Prior To Pleasure or Need

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In both Talks, "Relationship and Freedom" and "The Addiction Affliction", Avatar Adi Da Reveals that this search for pleasure must be understood and transcended in true Spiritual Communion with the Divine.
Love is truly expressed only through Divine Communion, through the relinquishment of the need-connection. This relieves you from the agony of egoic relatedness. . . . Love is liberal. Love grants freedom. Love is free energy. Love is Divine.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

7 Tracks
Total Running Time: 58 minutes

ISBN: 1-57097-144-7

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Price: $9.95

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