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The Third Fundamental: Disciplining Attention and Energy (CD)
A Selection of Spoken Excerpts from the Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar
Adi Da Samraj
Price: $9.95
This CD is third in a series meant to complement the book Adidam: The True World-Religion Given by the Promised God-Man, Adi Da Samraj. The Way of Adidam, the unique devotional and Spiritual relationship with Avatar Adi Da Samraj, can be summarized in Five Fundamentals, which are the framework for this CD series. This CD includes Talk excerpts that address the Third Fundamental, or the disciplining of attention and energy. Avatar Adi Da has given two technical forms of practice that support and deepen the always first and fundamental practice of devotional turning to Him. These are the “conscious process” and “conductivity”. The “conscious process” supports the turning of the faculty of attention to Avatar Adi Da. “Conductivity” practices support the turning of the energy-related faculties (of body, emotion, and breath) to Avatar Adi Da.

9 Tracks.
Total Running Time: 56 minutes

ISBN: 1-57097-155-2
Price: $9.95

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