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True Prayer Is A Process of Ecstasy (CD)
A Discourse Given By His Divine Prescence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
October 4, 1980

vatar Adi Da describes two dimensions of truly effective prayer: ecstasy and responsibility. If you surrender into the Living Divine Reality through ecstasy—and responsibly purify and balance body, emotion, mind, and breath—then you will inevitably participate in the positive transformation of personal and collective existence.

If you enter into True Prayer, . . . things will work to the good. Not because God likes people who do this sort of thing and rewards them—but because of the Law, because of the Nature of the Divine, because of the Condition of this phenomenon of human existence. It is a psycho-physical phenomenon, therefore it is responsive to psycho-physical changes. . . .

Of course, this is not an end in itself. It is simply an extension of the life of God- Communion—which is “self”-transcending and, ultimately, transcends the “world” altogether.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
OCTOBER 4, 1980

Excerpt from Track 1:
Why Does Prayer Work?

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About This Discourse

Avatar Adi Da with devotees
Marin County, California, 1980

ow available for the first time in audio form, this Discourse was given by Avatar Adi Da in the intimate setting of a devotee’s home in Marin County, California. The principal topic of consideration is the unique form of ego-transcending prayer given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj to His devotees, which He calls “the Devotional Prayer of Changes”. After the time of this Discourse, Avatar Adi Da further developed and refined the details of the Devotional Prayer of Changes, which you can learn about in the books Conductivity Healing (pp. 178–91), My “Bright” Form (especially pp. 509–16), and The Sacred Space of Finding Me (pp. 219–51).

The Devotional Prayer of Changes is a participatory process that has a real basis in the psycho-physics of the universe. It is a means for participating in the real universe, and in Reality Itself, in such a manner as to release the characteristics in the human body-mind-complex which are holding certain conditions in place, and to animate the characteristics in the human body-mind-complex which can be exercised so as not to hold those conditions in place.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Conductivity Healing

Track List:

1 Why Does Prayer Work? 14:32
2 All of This Is God 10:51
3 The Magic of Blessing 13:53
4 The World Is A Psychic Phenomenon 12:30
5 Serve The Divine Through Ecstasy 13:56

Total running time: 66 minutes

ISBN: 978-1-57097-386-4

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