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The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee (CD)
Re-Told—and Revealed Again—By His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Double-CD—over two hours long!
On May 28, 2006, Avatar Adi Da offered this unique and beautiful rendering of the moral and Spiritual teachings of Jesus of Galilee. In this recording, you will hear testament to Jesus’s authenticity as a great Realizer, in continuity with the ancient esoteric tradition of Spiritual Transmission-Masters.
Now you can listen to Adi Da's recitation and be drawn beyond thinking, interpreting, and speculation into the heart of Jesus’s esoteric instruction and Spiritual Transmission.

Listen to a 4:42 minute excerpt:
Avatar Adi Da's rendering from Matthew 5:1 – 5:10, “The Sermon on the Mount”

Price: $14.95
“Spending 35 years as a student of the New Testament and a parish priest for many of those years, I find Adi Da's rendering of the Jesus story inspiring, insightful, and heart moving. The contemporary and unencumbered nature of this account adds a unique depth to a familiar historical story. A must-have for anyone responding to the Spirit Breath's call to the spiritual life.”
                  —Terry Henry, Former Episcopal Priest
In creating this rendering, Avatar Adi Da brought together modern translations of early New Testament gospels thought to be most closely associated with Jesus of Galilee (based on recent scholarship). He included the "secret gospel of Mark" (discovered and published by Morton Smith), as well as selected New Testament passages which He had previously rendered (and now reviewed and reworked). The result is a unique distillation, a single "gospel" that effectively represents the teachings and doings of Jesus: "The Jesus Gospel".

Avatar Adi Da’s rendering is directly informed by His own early-life experience of the Christian tradition. As a boy, He was an acolyte at His local Lutheran church. In His early twenties, Adi Da attended two Christian seminaries (where He studied Biblical Greek and New Testament translation). Shortly after that, Adi Da went through a period of profound Christian mystical revelations (described by Him in The Knee of Listening)—part of a spontaneously unfolding process by which Adi Da became experientially aware of the realities underlying all Spiritual paths, East and West.

These visionary experiences revealed to Adi Da Samraj the esoteric nature of Christianity, which He illuminates in chapter 25 of this recording. Here is the uniqueness of this rendering: Avatar Adi Da did not make a mere translation as an academic, philosopher, or religious scholar. Rather, He renders this “Gospel of Jesus” as Realizer, “locating” the core exoteric and esoteric Truths in the New Testament by virtue of His own Divinely Enlightened State. Adi Da thus communicates the moral and Spiritual teachings of Jesus of Galilee in a most direct and pure manner, illuminating the profound beauty and esoteric nature of the sayings and doings of Jesus. This rendering later became the “seed” for The Pneumaton, Avatar Adi Da’s consummate communication on the devotional and Spiritual traditions of humankind, along with His Revelation of His own unique Way of Transcendental Spirituality.

Track listing:

Disc One (in 6 tracks)

Ch. 1: Clement of Alexandria, letter
Ch. 2-3: John 1:1–5 and 4:23–24
Ch. 4-7: Mark 1:4–10 and 1:12–13 and 1:14–15 and 1:16–20
Ch. 8: John 3:1–10
Ch. 9: Matt. 4:23–25
Ch. 10: Matt. 5:1–10, Mark 12:30, 31
Ch. 11: Matt. 6:22–24, 7:6, 12–19, 24–29
Ch. 12-14: Mark 1:29–34, 39, 2:1–12 and 2:14–17, 19, 20
Ch. 15: Mark 3:14–19, Matt. 10:24, 26, 27, 40
Disc One total time: 63:34 minutes

Disc Two (in 5 tracks)

Ch. 16: Mark 4:1–20
Ch. 17: Matt. 23:2–13, 15–37; “Secret Mark”
Ch. 18: “Secret Mark”
Ch. 19-20: Mark 10:32–34 and 11:11, 15, 17
Ch. 21: Mark 14:53, Matt. 27:1–2, Mark 15:20
Ch. 22: Mark 15:24, 37
Ch. 23: John 19:38–40
Ch. 24: Matt. 28:11, 13, 15
Ch. 25: “I (Alone) Am The Adidam Revelation”, sections LXVI–LXVII (Eleutherios, 2006).
Disc Two total time: 64:36 minutes

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Price: $14.95

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