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Avatar Adi Da has produced a vast body of Wisdom-Literature that addresses literally every aspect of human, Spiritual, and Divine life. The Dawn Horse Press is dedicated to making this Teaching available to all. In addition to the Teachings of Avatar Adi Da, we also carry a selection of books from the various religious and spiritual traditions of the world.

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Guru, Faith, and Divine Communion
I Will Do Everything

In these two Discourses, Avatar Adi Da beautifully illuminates the nature of the relationship to the Spiritual Master, or Guru. This sacred relationship is the direct means by which the Divine Principle becomes operative in your life.

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Other Featured Products:

Identification of The Beloved

Avatar Adi Da draws us into noticing the true nature of this world, in which we find the Beloved—the True Loved One—only in its passing forms. This leads to attachment to what is temporary, generating a constant cycle of reaction and seeking for a Happiness that will overcome death. Adi Da Admonishes everyone to find the True Beloved, in Its Eternal Form—our True Condition—if Happiness is to be truly found.

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My "Bright" Sight

The Secret is devotional Communion with Me. Enter into My Sphere through devotion, and the “Brightness” will Outshine you, Outshine appearances, Outshine psycho-physical conditions and limits.
                                                                                 —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

   Open this book to discover a portal into another world.
   Allow yourself to be transported into Avatar Adi Da’s radiant sphere, each page shining with His Word or Form.
    Now, for the first time in one book, you can enjoy Discourses from a wide range of His Teaching-Submission Years (1973 to 1995). Many of these 21 Talks have never been published in a book—or even in a printed form before!
   Enhancing the core theme of “Sighting” is a 16-page gallery adorned with 23 exquisite, seldom-seen sightings of Avatar Adi Da, chronologically arranged, one from each of those Teaching-Submission Years.

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