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Avatar Adi Da has produced a vast body of Wisdom-Literature that addresses literally every aspect of human, Spiritual, and Divine life. The Dawn Horse Press is dedicated to making this Teaching available to all. In addition to the Teachings of Avatar Adi Da, we also carry a selection of books from the various religious and spiritual traditions of the world.

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Surrender of self Is A Koan (DVD)

A Discourse Given by His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
OCTOBER 28, 1978

There will be times when you feel “out of it”, when you feel overwhelmed by your negativity, by your symptoms, and so forth. But you have got to have more humor about that. . . . Particularly in those moments, you must learn to practice with great intensity, surrender more profoundly, with a tacit recollection of your true understanding of the true nature of your feeling in relation to Me. . . . You must use Me in the Spiritual way—which means you have got to grow. The more you grow, the more you will make use of Me.

October 28, 1978

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Adidam 2020 Sacred History Calendar


I Am Here

A Revelation-History, in Form and Word, of the Divine Avataric Incarnation of Conscious Light

Over 70 beautiful full-page photographs of Avatar Adi Da with excerpts from His own Tellings of His Life-Story to celebrate each of the years of His Human Lifetime.

The Divine Avataric Event of Avatar Adi Da's Birth in 1939 has no parallel in human history, because the Perfect State of the Divine Avatar Transcends the various states manifested by all previous Realizers. Thus, the unfolding of Avatar Adi Da’s Holy Life was outside (or set-apart from) all that had manifested before. Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Descent into human Form enables a new and benign future for all beings—and makes it possible to truly understand the history of humanity.

from the Introduction
by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba


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