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Avatar Adi Da has produced a vast body of Wisdom-Literature that addresses literally every aspect of human, Spiritual, and Divine life. The Dawn Horse Press is dedicated to making this Teaching available to all. In addition to the Teachings of Avatar Adi Da, we also carry a selection of books from the various religious and spiritual traditions of the world.

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Conductivity Healing

Energy-Healing Practices That Support An Intelligent, Harmonious, and Flowing Re-Integration of The Physical and Etheric Dimensions of The Human Body

Straightforward and practical guidance on how to understand and practice energy healing. Avatar Adi Da Samraj offers simple practices that support well-being by feeling and breathing and circulating etheric energy—in one’s own case and also for others, through forms of healing touch.

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An ancient Yogic tool for easily balancing the energies of the body, in daily life and in meditation practice (sometimes called a “meditation stick”).

All the technicalities of pranayama that you read about in the traditional Yogic literature are easily accomplished by the use of a hamsadanda. It is the greatest Hatha Yoga technique ever discovered. Everything accomplished by physical postures, breathing through alternate nostrils, and the rest of the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga is easily and naturally accomplished without the slightest effort by using a hamsadanda.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
January 24, 1983

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The Relationship To The Guru Is The Constant In Life

By tendency, people are bound to the natural cycle of ups and downs. Neither bodily pleasures nor spiritual pursuits result in True Freedom from this constant phasing. One path merely accentuates the descending (or bodily) experiences and the other, the ascending (or subtle) experiences.

In this Discourse, Avatar Adi Da reveals with absolute clarity how the relationship with the Guru (or Satsang) gives freedom from this trap—because the Guru is the Manifestation of the Condition that is Prior to this mechanical cycling, not part of it.

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