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“Perfect Knowledge”

"Perfect Knowledge", as given by Adi Da Samraj, is not any kind of conventional knowing via the mind or the body. It is, rather, tacit and direct apprehension that occurs prior to the ego-position. "Perfect Knowledge" is a searchless "Knowing" that exists prior to any form of thinking, a "Locating" of the Reality-Position, which is revealed as one's true and only Position when the illusion of "I"-and-"other" drops away. Avatar Adi Da, therefore, places this term in quotation marks to distinguish it from the conventional use and understanding of the word "knowledge", which is a function of mind, and which is based on the paradigm of separation between subject and object. Because "Perfect Knowledge" of Reality cannot come about through any exercise of mind or of body, it must be directly transmitted from the Source. Transmitting "Perfect Knowledge" is one of Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Functions and Gifts.

Additionally, the practice of "Perfect Knowledge" is one of the three fundamentals of the Way of Adidam. From early in their practice of the Way of Adidam, devotees of Adi Da Samraj practice tacitly "Locating" the "Perfect Knowledge" of Reality. This "Knowledge" cannot be sought, but is Given by Adi Da as a Gift. The practice of "Perfect Knowledge" is not a technique or means for seeking, but occurs in direct relationship with Adi Da and is founded in devotional recognition of Him as the Revelation of Reality Itself.

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