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'Return' to 'Brightness'

Avatar Adi Da Samraj in 2000While the end of Avatar Adi Da's period of "learning" humanity was signaled by the single great Event of His Divine Re-Awakening, the end of His period of Teaching humanity was signaled by a sequence of profound Events that occurred over a span of fourteen years.

Each of these Events was a Yogic Death — a profound Spiritual Crisis, associated (in each case) with the near-death of His physical body.

After each of these Events, His psycho-physical being was dramatically re-structured, and the nature of His Divine Work in the world was profoundly transformed, as described in His biography, Adi Da: The Promised God-Man Is Here, and in Part Three of His Spiritual Autobiography, The Knee Of Listening.

The culminating Yogic Event of Avatar Adi Da's Teaching period occurred on April 12, 2000, on Lopez Island (in the state of Washington). Since that Event, His "participation" in this earthly realm is simply a matter of His Spiritually Radiating into His body and into the world — from Infinitely Above.

With the Lopez Island Event, Avatar Adi Da Samraj utterly "returned" to the same "Bright" State He knew in infancy. Now He exists at the Threshold between the Divine Domain and the earthly domain. From that "Position", He continues, as always, to participate, with passionate urgency and utmost love, in the "heart-breaking companionship of mortal beings" — always Spiritually Working to Bless and Liberate every one.

And to all who are heart-moved to enter into the devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him, He Offers His Gift of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

My Avatarically-Given Revelation Is A Divine Spiritual Revelation For The Sake Of all beings.
Therefore, Heart-Recognize Me, and Heart-Respond To Me.
Turn To Me. Receive Me. Constantly Know Me.
If You Do This, You Will Be Certain Of The Truth I Am
Telling You.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Dawn Horse Testament
of The Ruchira Avatar

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