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Birth of a New Culture

Avatar Adi Da Samraj with devotees in 1990Avatar Adi Da's Teaching-Work was a Divine Demonstration unlike anything the world has ever witnessed. Like His period of "learning" humanity, His period of Teaching humanity lasted for twenty-eight years, from 1972 to 2000.

During this time, He did absolutely everything necessary to create an entirely new Spiritual Way of life — the Way of devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him, to which He gave the name "Adidam".

He worked directly with thousands of people who approached Him as Divine Heart-Master, He wrote thousands of pages of Revelation and Instruction, and He spoke thousands upon thousands of hours, in face-to-face dialogue with His devotees.

In so doing, He called into being a new culture — with its unique forms of worship, artistic creativity, and cooperative living, all based in the life of Communion with Him. Avatar Adi Da brought the same burning urgency and passionate commitment to His Work of Teaching that He had demonstrated during His years of "learning" humanity.

One of the signs that His Teaching-Work was nearing completion was His creation of a comprehensive canon of scripture &mdash' the "Source-Texts" of His Avataric Divine Wisdom-Teaching, which convey an astonishing range and depth of Revelatory Instruction relative to the entire course of the Spiritual process, the esoteric secrets of reality, and the questions of deep human concern.

Avatar Adi Da's "Source-Texts" are unquestionably the most profound and most comprehensive Spiritual Texts the world has ever known. Included among His "Source-Texts" is His literary masterwork, The Mummery Book — a novel unlike any other, expressing the most profound Truth in language of unsurpassed beauty, shocking force, and deep heartbreak.

With the completion of His Teaching-Work in 2000, Avatar Adi Da also turned, with characteristic intensity, to the creation of artistic works. His Work of communicating through words was largely finished.

He has produced an astonishing outpouring of photographically-based art — art of the greatest beauty, complexity, and originality. As He explained, His art is intended to communicate exactly the same message as His writings and talks — but through the more intuitive mode of visual perception.

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