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Naitauba Arrival Ornament
From the Naitauba Padavara Mela 40th Anniversary Ornament Set

This ornament shows Avatar Adi Da as He takes His first step from the seaplane onto the Island of Naitauba, on October 27, 1983. After circumnavigating the island before landing, Avatar Adi Da arrived on Naitauba amidst elated devotees and Fijian islanders—initiating Avatar Adi Da’s establishment of this pristine, set-apart place as the focal point for His Transmitted Blessing to everyone, for all time. A joyful moment to commemorate and appreciate through the season of “Light-in-Everybody” and Danavira Mela, and always.

Price: $27.00

This ornament is part of a set that honors the 40th Anniversary of Naitauba Padavara Mela—the celebration (Mela) of the day of Avatar Adi Da’s first Footstep (Padavara) at Naitauba Island (Fiji) in 1983. Decorate your holiday tree with these beautiful remembrances of how Avatar Adi Da transformed a six-square-mile island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean into the most empowered sacred space and hermitage ashram on the planet.

I have a Place to Radiate to the world—a Mighty Mountain of Island.
Let this be the Blessing-Place for all humankind.
As long as the Earth lives, I will Give this Blessing.

—His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj

• High-quality print-on-ceramic design
• 2-¾” in diameter
• Gold-colored hanging ribbon included
• Comes in a gold-colored box, for safety and storage

To learn more about Danavira Mela, click here to see this lavishly illustrated book by Avatar Adi Da's daughter Naamleela Free Jones.


To learn more about Avatar Adi Da’s Establishment of Naitauba Island as His Eternal Hermitage, click here to see this full-color special commemorative account.

 Eternal Stand

Price: $27.00

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