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The Danavira Mela Book (Hardcover)
By Naamleela Free Jones

Light means something holy, something Divine. . . . Light is fundamental in human experience and aspiration and meaning. Because of this, it is suitable to be associated with a universal celebration every year.
                      —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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With the above words, Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj envisions the holiday season as a time when people of all faiths and places can celebrate the “Light-in-Everybody” —a season, as He explained, that is “essentially about Light, and about that Light in everybody. It is about acknowledging the characteristic of Light in everybody you know and meet, rather than darkness. It is about love rather than its opposite.”

Adi Da Samraj, age 10,
with His sister, 1949

In this special holiday book, Naamleela Free Jones shares the unique seasonal traditions that Bhagavan Adi Da, her father and Guru, has developed on this basis. She offers an intimate glimpse into the joyous time of Danavira Mela, or the season of “Light-in-Everybody", in the Company of Avatar Adi Da Samraj during His Lifetime. Naamleela makes readily available the abundance of gifts Avatar Adi Da has Given as means to participate with Him during this season, for eternal time, including specific instruction on each aspect of this celebration of Him. There are rare and intimate photographs of Avatar Adi Da as a child (including some never previously published) and over the years of celebrating Danavira Mela with devotees, as well as communications from Avatar Adi Da on the significance of this celebration.

Naamleela also generously shares her enjoyment and understanding of this period of celebration—inspiring Avatar Adi Da's devotees to participate fully with Him during Danavira Mela Season and inviting all to embrace this time of year as a joyous, global celebration of "Light-in-Everybody".

This beautiful book can be placed under your tree, and read and enjoyed each year. Its joy and wisdom serve as a guide for everyone in transforming the winter holidays into a time of intimacy, happiness, cooperation, and light.

Over 82 full color pictures!
8" x 10"

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Price: $54.00

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