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The Fundamental Purpose of Existence (CD)
A Talk by The Ruchira Avatar,
Adi Da Samraj

Your experience is a limitation on what you can presume. So you must have a greater experience, and that means you have to grow. . . If you want Great Realization, Great Freedom, and so on, you've got to start to grow again. And that requires a Great Ordeal.

—Avatar Ad Da Samraj,
April 1, 1988

Price: $9.95

In this Talk, given in April 1988, Avatar Adi Da answers basic questions about the beginnings of Spiritual life. Avatar Adi Da Clarifies the demand that real Spiritual practice entails, the intelligence and discipline required, and the Great Help He Offers in the midst of this Great Ordeal.

This Talk is also available as a video.

Total running time: 54 minutes
ISBN: 9781570971716
Price: $9.95

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