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The Fundamental Purpose of Existence (DVD)
Vol 1, The 20th Anniversary Series
In March 1988, Avatar Adi Da left Adi Da Samrajashram — His principal Hermitage in Fiji — and traveled to New Zealand where He met with practitioners of the Reality-Way of Adidam and with people interested in taking up the Transcendental Spiritual Way He has Given.
This DVD contains excerpts of one such occasion that occurred on April 1, 1988.

Price: $26.95

In these delightful and humorous conversations, Avatar Adi Da answers such questions as:

• How do I love?
• What is God?
• What is real Spiritual life?
• How does someone overcome the tendency to become "dry" and serious when living a life of discipline?
• How important is intelligence to esoteric practice?
• What about the reluctance I feel to take up esoteric practice?

As Avatar Adi Da responds to the various individuals in the room with Him that day, He draws everyone into a profound examination of the fundamental purpose of existence. Avatar Adi Da points out that human beings are chronically suffering from the limitation of their experience and are not tending to take into account the totality within which they appear.

To grow beyond limitations and enter into the stream of real growth, He explains, a most profound and creative process of ego-transcending practice must be entered into — a process made possible by the Grace and Help of the Realized Spiritual Master.
The fundamental purpose of existence is to transcend oneself and to Realize That Which Is Realizable only in that case.

It is not a matter of the pursuit of a "God"-concept, or an end-phenomenon that one pre-chooses.

It is a matter of realistic "self"-awareness and realistic involvement in an ego-transcending process, because That Which Is Divine is Always Already the Case.

You are not suffering from what you are not "experiencing" right now. You are suffering from what you are "experiencing". When those limitations are transcended, then That Which Is Inherently Free, or Love-Blissful, is Inherently Obvious. It is just so. It is always so.

           —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Runtime: approximately 60 minutes
Price: $26.95

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