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Adidam 2021 Sacred History Calendar

  • Full page photographs of Avatar Adi Da Samraj
  • Inset photographs of Adi Da Samraj with accompanying quotation on the calendar pages
  • Indications of anniversaries of significant Events in Avatar Adi Da's Life and Work
  • Explanation of the annual cycle of Sacred Celebrations in the Reality-Way of Adidam
Size: 12" x 12"

Price: $29.95

The 2021 Calendar focuses on Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Blessing and Calling for an egoless civilization founded in the Intrinsic Freedom of Reality and the prior unity of all-and-All.

The large photographs in this calendar celebrate Avatar Adi Da’s bodily Sign in the year 2006, when His “723 Declaration” of the necessary new moment in human-time was made and He began creating the book Not-Two Is Peace. The small photos celebrate the compassionate Sign of His Blessing-Work during the final years of His bodily Lifetime. The quotations celebrate both His Blessing and His Calling in Not-Two Is Peace for “something new” to emerge in human culture and civilization in this Earth-world.

The image above is a flag designed by Avatar Adi Da that appears on the cover of Not-Two Is Peace. It represents the functioning global cooperative of humankind as a single spectrum of colors (signifying inclusiveness in every sense) appearing on a white field (signifying the “blank slate” of humankind-as-a-whole, beyond all differences). The 723 in the lower left corner honors the date of Avatar Adi Da‘s “Free Declaration” (on July 23, 2006) of the decisive moment for humankind to choose a new way of true civilization on Earth.

The Dawn Horse Press also features a pocket calendar.
Price: $29.95

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