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Not-Two Is Peace
New, Expanded Fourth Edition

The Ordinary People's Way of Global Cooperative Order
by the World-Friend Adi Da
This profoundly important book is Avatar Adi Da’s comprehensive address to the global crises of our time. Since the publication of the third edition in 2009, additional communications from Avatar Adi Da were discovered that make this expanded fourth edition an even fuller communication of His Calling for unique and universal participation in the transformation of human destiny.

This important book should be read carefully and put into practice by all global citizens.

Price: $14.95

What's New in the Fourth Edition?

There are three new essays in this updated edition:

  • “All Modes of True Religion Point To Reality Itself”
  • “Humankind-As-A-Whole Must Collectively Address Its Real Issues”
  • “No Enemies” (previously published in Prior Unity)
The World-Friend Adi Da wrote Not-Two Is Peace out of concern for humanity's current plight. It contains His "radical" argument for transcending egoity along with His urgent call to found the Global Cooperative Forum. This forum will allow humankind to become conscious of itself as one great coherent force—the only force capable of requiring and implementing systemic changes the world needs.

This book is essential study for anyone concerned about the state of global affairs.

Adi Da offers not just one peace-making strategy among others. He goes deeper, reminding us that the very concept of “other” is a false basis from which to begin. He is right to insist that we must go beyond seeming divisions to the deeper reality that there is one singular whole of which all existence is, and always was, a part. His recognition and articulation of this “prior unity” offers a guiding light on the path forward.

“A new kind of human consciousness is required—based on the working-presumption of prior unity, and on an understanding of the indivisibly single world in which everyone is living. This involves not only the notion that there is such a single world, but it requires grasping the necessity for cooperation, and the necessity to function on the basis of an understanding that the Earth is a single system, and humankind (likewise) is a single whole.”

—The World-Friend Adi Da,
from Not-Two Is Peace

Not-Two Is Peace is available from Amazon as an ebook:

Price: $14.95

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