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Beety-Greedy Ornament
Beety-Greedy is a character from the book Vegetable Surrender—an older punk committed to self-preservation. Do you know anyone who is like Beety-Greedy?

Ceramic ornament, 2¾" wide. For decorating a Tree of Light during the holiday season of “Light-in-Everybody”, or displaying at any time of year.

Price: $21.00

Vegetable Surrender, or, Happiness Is Not Blue is the story of twelve vegetables seeking for happiness. All of them learn, through the wisdom of the great Master Foody-Moody, the secret of letting go of their unhappy patterns and remembering what it takes to be happy all the time.

The characters in Vegetable Surrender help us understand and have humor about the patterns of unhappiness that we tend to enact—so that we too can remember the secret of happiness. Offer this ornament to a friend who reminds you of Beety-Greedy—or get one as a reminder for yourself!

Price: $21.00

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