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Your Real Condition Is Prior To Waking, Dreaming, and Sleeping (CD)
In spiritual practice, what is the real significance of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep?

Listen to this CD for Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching on how to understand these states.
Two Discourses in one!

From August 26, 2004, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Responds to a questioner who asks how she can practice devotion in her dream state

From September 4, 2004, Avatar Adi Da Speaks to another questioner about her mother’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and the transcending of attention in maturing spiritual practice

Price: $9.95

Avatar Adi Da points to the depth of existence that is always the case regardless of the changing states of awareness (waking, dreaming, and sleeping). And He Calls for ego-transcending practice (sadhana) to be engaged at this depth—so that What Is Prior to all conditional states can be Realized.

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Price: $9.95

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