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Always Enact Fidelity To Me
Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Guide to the true Yoga of human emotional-sexual life

Adi Da Samraj alone Made this Perfect Revelation of what is required to conform human emotional-sexual realities to the real esoteric process of Realization. This Revelation-Instruction [is] based in the deepest sensitivity both to the mortality of human existence and to the Eternal Nature of the Divine Reality.
—Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur

Avatar Adi Da’s Final Wisdom-Instruction on the true Yoga of emotional-sexual life—all in one book!

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“I Am the One Who has made it possible for human beings to totally comprehend the emotional-sexual dimension of existence, and to completely transcend egoic reactivity, and to truly grow beyond the ordinary emotional-sexual limitations that the ‘worldly’ mind represents, and (by all of this) to have an altogether—and in Reality—sane life.”
—His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 2008
(from the frontispiece)
       There are no sex-negative attitudes in Adidam—but there is the Divinely Given Process that ultimately Transcends everything about the body-mind-self, including the emotional-sexual being.
       Do not fear the exposure of self. Allow everything to be known. Do not hide in the “cult of pairs” or in the isolated self. Be confessed, relative to the total body-mind-self: Such is a foundation principle arising out of Avatar Adi Da’s great emotional-sexual “reality consideration”. Allow the loosening of identification with the emotionalsexual ego, so that you may be free of the presumption that you “are” the psycho-physical ego-“I”.

—from the Introduction by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur Rani Naitauba
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This comprehensive 12-part guide includes many readings from Avatar Adi Da’s Written Word, as well as selected Discourses and Spoken Instructions, collected in one book for the first time and covering every aspect of the foundation Yoga of emotional-sexual life in the Reality-Way of Adidam. Following are the heading titles for each of the twelve parts. To see the full Table of Contents, please click on the link after the headings.

His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da, 2008
1 The Domain of Emotion and Sex
2 My Unique Work With The Emotional-Sexual Domain
3 The Basic Patterns of ego-Life
4 The Wound of Love
5 Right Intimate Relationship
6 Right Conductivity of Sexual Energy
7 Right Sexual Practice
8 Right Frequency of Sexual Activity
9 The Stages of Right Emotional-Sexual Yoga
10 Right Celibacy
11 Right Choice of A Form of Emotional-Sexual Practice
12 Embrace Me Perfectly
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Price: $32.35

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