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Vegetable Surrender
Bring new life to the black-and-white edition

This vintage publication of Avatar Adi Da’s delightful fable is now re-envisioned as a coloring book! Spend contemplative time with Master Foody-Moody and all the vegetables, putting your own imaginative touches on the detailed line drawings by Molly MacGregor. But remember, as the subtitle reveals: Happiness is not blue!

Price: $5.55

Vegetable Surrender, or, Happiness Is Not Blue is the story of twelve vegetables seeking for happiness. All of them learn, through the wisdom of the great Master Foody-Moody, the secret of letting go of their unhappy patterns and remembering what it takes to be happy all the time.

Find the current full-color edition of Vegetable Surrender here.

1987, 10-3/4" x 8-3/4" hardcover, 46 pages

ISBN: 0-918801-02-8
Price: $5.55

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