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The Reality-Teachings of the Advaitic Sages (CD)
The Gnosticon Discourses Series (Vol. 2)
3-CD set—over three hours long!

In this extraordinary occasion recorded on January 6, 2006 at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary in California, Adi Da Samraj recites His own renderings of the Advaitic texts Maneesha Panchakam, Dasasloki, and the Devikalottara. It is a delight to hear Him bring the essence of these ancient texts to life, and feel how He completely and utterly combined Himself with the tradition of the Advaitic Sages.

These are among the greatest texts ever made. . . .
. . . [What] comes through these renderings I have made is what is purely in those texts, and purely in the traditions from which those texts come.

          —His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Excerpt is from “Reality (Itself) Is All The God There Is”, Discourse from Disc 3, Track 4

Price: $19.95

This three-hour-long triple-CD set is an immeasurable gift from Adi Da Samraj, for all of us and for generations to come. In the first two CDs, Adi Da recites three Advaitic texts that He considered to be "among the greatest text ever made". Not only does Adi Da clarify their hidden treasures and ancient truths, He also explains why the meaning of a sacred text can be communicated only by someone who has Realized the truth of such a text.

On that unforgettable winter evening, Adi Da spoke to His devotees about the universal Truths these great texts communicate and explained the specific points that distinguish His offering from that of the Great Advaitic Sages. With great clarity, Avatar Adi Da also expounded upon the scientific myth of “matter” and the religious myth of a separate “God”. He then described the fundamental practice in His Company for those who choose to become His devotees, and He described how this practice is in the likeness of the ancient tradition of Guru-devotion, as advocated by the Great Sages.

After hearing Beloved Bhagavan's pristine Recitations on the first two discs, I felt sensitized to His Perfect Embrace of the tradition of the Advaitic Sages. And then the Discourse on the third CD just blew me away—there is so much packed onto one CD! This Discourse allowed me to really "get" how Bhagavan's Teaching and Revelation is utterly unique, and yet is also in full coincidence with the Great Tradition. I've heard Him say this so many times but, for some reason, listening to this particular Discourse really allowed me to understand and feel the actuality of this.

—a devotee of Adi Da Samraj

Disc 1: “The Five Declarations of Ultimate Knowledge” (Maneesha Panchakam) and “Ten Declarations of The Transcendental Self-Identity of Consciousness Itself” (Dasasloki), renderings.

Disc 2: “The Way of Knowledge That Becomes Possible Only At The Final Stage of Maturity” (Devikalottara), rendering.

Disc 3: “Reality (Itself) Is All The God There Is”, Discourse.
Contains the core of this Talk (as published), together with some additional (previously unpublished) material in track 3.

About The Gnosticon Discourses Series:

In the fall of 2005, Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to create His own renderings of numerous principal texts from the traditions of the great Non-dualist Sages. As He completed each new rendering, Avatar Adi Da would gather with His devotees (in person and via the internet) to first read His new work and then to discourse on the distinctions between the Realization (and methods) described in the Non-dualist text and His own Reality-Revelation and Way. He thus clarified, with exacting detail, the specific qualities that make His Revelation and Way utterly unique in the Great Tradition of religious, Spiritual, and Transcendental Instruction.

The collection of Avatar Adi Da’s renderings and related discourses became the seed of a book—The Gnosticon—in which He thoroughly examines the Transcendental Teachings of the ancient Sages in relation to His Transcendental Spiritual Way of Adidam.

Recordings of these historical and unprecedented gatherings are offered to you in The Gnosticon Discourses series. By virtue of His own intrinsically egoless State, Avatar Adi Da identifies the essential Revelation of each text, then speaks it plainly. His renderings, therefore, are not mere translations, but Transmitted Revelations of the true and intended meaning of these great texts.

Click here for The Ribhu Gita (CD), Disc One in The Gnosticon Discourse Series.

About The Gnosticon, Companion Book to this CD Series:

Click here for a look inside this remarkable text. You will find the Table of Contents, the introduction by Carolyn Lee, PhD, and how to order.

Price: $19.95

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