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The Ribhu Gita (CD)
The Gnosticon Discourses Series (vol. 1)
Double-CD—over two hours long!
A not-to-be-missed CD because it brings you in contact with Adi Da Samraj's extraordinary understanding of traditional teaching literature, as well as with His Humor and unending patience to explicate the meaning of The Ribhu Gita in modern-day language.

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The Ribhu Gita is our first CD in The Gnosticon Discourses series. In this historic occasion at the Mountain Of Attention on December 11, 2005, Avatar Adi Da Samraj reads His own renderings of portions of the epitome Non-dualist text, The Ribhu Gita—and then offers illuminating Instruction on the specific distinctions between the revelation communicated in this great text and the “Perfect Practice” of Adidam.

About The Gnosticon Discourses Series:

In the fall of 2005, Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to create His own renderings of numerous principal texts from the traditions of the great Non-dualist Sages. As He completed each new rendering, Avatar Adi Da would gather with His devotees (in person and via the internet) to first read His new work and then to discourse on the distinctions between the Realization (and methods) described in the Non-dualist text and His own Reality-Revelation and Way. He thus clarified, with exacting detail, the specific qualities that make His Revelation and Way utterly unique in the Great Tradition of religious, Spiritual, and Transcendental Instruction.

The collection of Avatar Adi Da’s renderings and related discourses became the seed of a book—The Gnosticon—in which He thoroughly examines the Transcendental Teachings of the ancient Sages in relation to His Transcendental Spiritual Way of Adidam.

Recordings of these historical and unprecedented gatherings are offered to you in The Gnosticon Discourses series. By virtue of His own intrinsically egoless State, Avatar Adi Da identifies the essential Revelation of each text, then speaks it plainly. His renderings, therefore, are not mere translations, but Transmitted Revelations of the true and intended meaning of these great texts.

A Look inside The Gnosticon (companion book to this CD):

Click here to learn more about this remarkable text. You will find the Table of Contents, an introduction by Carolyn Lee, PhD, as well as ordering information

Double CD Details:

Disc One Runtime: 66:12 minutes
Disc Two Runtime: 77:18 minutes

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Price: $10.47

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