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Enter Into Unlimited Profundity (DVD)
The Adidam Revelation Discourses, Volume 6

When Avatar Adi Da Samraj is asked a question about “karmas” as determining factors in human life, He points to something even more fundamental than the universal law of cause and effect. Watch this DVD to receive His priceless Instruction.

Includes subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, and Hebrew.

Price: $26.95

In this Discourse from October 6, 2005, Avatar Adi Da says that in every instant of life there is the same opportunity to examine the true nature of existence—the non-necessity of the presumption of separate “self” in the face of Reality Itself. He says that the impulse to Realize Truth does not require that one be in the midst of suffering—any moment of existence is a sufficient moment to enter into the Unlimited Profundity of Reality Itself.


Are Negative Events Punishment? [11:26]
Every Moment Is Suitable for Profundity [10:23]
The Profound Nature of Reality Itself [16:52]
You Are the Witness-Consciousness Itself [10:44]
The World Is Outshined [14:55]
Sacred Sightings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj [03:44]

Total running time: approximately 1 hour 10 minutes

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Price: $26.95

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