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Perfect Abstraction
Learn about Avatar Adi Da’s process of creating images in the wide range of His commentaries found in this book

video  Watch a 6:48 minute clip about Adi Da’s Works at the 2007 Venice Biennale

Price: $6.95

The title of this booklet points to the unique “method” whereby Avatar Adi Da Samraj creates images that are a means of access to the Reality that is Prior even to perception. Altogether, these essays describe the kind of “dance” Avatar Adi Da engages to develop free images that transcend, rather than merely play upon, the apparent “subject-and-object” context of visual art.

Ultimately, Adi Da Samraj goes beyond the obligatory conceptualism of Western culture and the analytic trend of contemporary art, in order to reach the epiphany—which, in the original Greek meaning, refers to the illumination, the sudden appearance, of a total image capable of going beyond representation and pointing directly to the truth, seen as the revelation of the principle of reality.

—Achille Bonito Oliva
Acclaimed critic; Curator; Lecturer on contemporary art;
Former Director of two Biennale di Venezia;
Recipient of the Valentino d’Oro, 1991

Please note that the essays in this book are included in the New, Expanded Second Edition of Transcendental Realism: The Image-Art of egoless Coincidence with Reality Itself

6"x9" paperback, 48 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57097-250-8

Price: $6.95

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