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Transcendental Realism
Expanded Second Edition

The Image-Art of egoless Coincidence with Reality Itself
It is a rare and unique gift to view works of art created by a true Realizer—much less to hear the Realizer's instruction regarding his or her own art. This book marks just such an unprecedented opportunity.

Transcendental Realism is a unique treasure, gathering together Adi Da’s key instruction on the methods, meaning, and purposes of His own work, as well as His penetrating insight into the present-day culture and purpose of art. The second edition of Transcendental Realism contains many never-before-published writings by Adi Da, including a remarkable, detailed explanation of how His own final image-making process evolved.

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"True art heals. True art restores equanimity. Art must regenerate the sense of well-being. That is its true purpose."
                                                                —Adi Da Samraj

A Brief History
Adi Da Samraj created art for over forty years with a single intention: the visual communication of truth, and the means to draw the viewer beyond separateness into the paradox of "indivisible unity." He began His first serious photographic work in the early 1960s. From the mid 60s to 90s He produced a diverse body of drawings, paintings, and sculptural forms. 1998 marked the beginning of an intensive six-year period of photographic and videographic work. In 2006, Adi Da began working with digital technology, while still combining hand drawn and painted forms as well as photographs within His compositions.

Full-scale fabrications of Adi Da Samraj's images have included many forms of media, from monumentally-scaled paints on aluminum, to large-scale pigmented inks on canvas, photographic and videographic works, sculptural light boxes, plasma screen installations, and projected performance events.

Adi Da Samraj was featured as an official solo collateral artist at the 2007 Venice Biennale. He then became the first contemporary artist that the city of Florence ever granted a solo exhibition. Adi Da’s work has also appeared or is currently on exhibition in Galleries and museums throughout the United States.

About the Expanded Second Edition
This largely expanded edition brings together all of Adi Da Samraj’s writings on art. It includes details on the methods, meaning, and purposes of His work, His penetrating insight into the present-day culture and purpose of art, and specific recommendations on how to participate ecstatically in art. Adi Da also intensively considers the error of presuming oneself to be separate from a work of art—He invites every individual to be drawn beyond this illusion of separateness into the ecstatic, living process of participating in His image-art.

Included are ten new essays which Adi Da wrote in the final year of His life in addition to all of the essays published in Aesthetic Ecstasy, Perfect Abstraction, as well as the first edition of Transcendental Realism. Also new is a series of black-and-white photographs of Adi Da working in His studio, and a greatly expanded color-insert—24 pages of high-quality stunning replications of His image-art.

Reviews of Adi Da Samraj’s Image-Art from Art Critics, Curators, and Professors of Modern Art
“I believe that art should always be a surprise. It must create, even in the critic, not emotion, but a sense of insecurity. When one views Adi Da’s art, it is easy to see 'pop art', 'op art', and all the possible linguistic, ethnological, and iconographic references—but, in the end, the final work is always a surprise. With Adi Da’s work, I did not simply find myself in front of a new personal iconographic universe but rather in front of images that returned me to an experience of ‘epiphany’.”
               —Achille Bonito Oliva, Italian art critic, Historian, and past Director of the Venice Biennale.

“[Adi Da's] pursuit of the spiritual paths found in early abstraction, from Kandinsky to Mondrian, and [his] translation of that pursuit into the digital age, restore a transcenden
Price: $19.95

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